D&TF is for a new generation of radical innovators, design leaders and change makers who have a drive for meaningful impact on the world.

By merging the competences and skills of technology and design, students learn how to develop products, services and environments that are economically viable, technically feasible and socially preferable, thereby creating a better future

Latest projects

Smart Lunar Clothing

Increasing the lifetime of lunar garments while reducing critical waste and weight of daily clothing. System helps to give the freedom of choice and psychological benefits for astronauts when choosing clothing for daily activities inside the habitat. read the Report

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The Furniture With Soul

Shifting from providing furniture to providing functions with the goal of adapting to the users individual needs, allowing users to express themselves through customization and increasing the longevity of already owned furniture. Be the co-designer of your furniture. read the Report

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Re-thinking TalTech library

The goal of the project is to create a study and research environment offering a person-centric experience in a highly adaptive space where people can study and socialize. This is the library of the University of Technology and the library should reflect that. Read the Report

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STEM- rethinking Taltech library

The academic community of today works in multidisciplinary collaborative ways facing an overabundance of information available to them. University library has traditionally supported students and researchers, and to meet the needs of the new way of working, it needs to evolve to become a seamless and responsive part of the study process. Stem – an…

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Amicusis a service concept combining personal interaction and system automation that brings human connection and trust back to healthcare. It supports a holistic treatment journey and hospital schedule management powered by an intelligent algorithm. With Amicus patients have an assigned nurse as a single contact person, can follow and access information on the go and…

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