As one goes through life, ambition drive us during our younger years and by the time we reach the retiring age it is only right that harvest the fruits of our hard work. This phase of anyone’s life should be an opportunity to rediscover life and live stress free. In reality though there aren’t many great solutions to make senior citizens more independent and ambitious to conquer more milestones in life.

Here we addressed many questions in relation to habits, behaviour and needs. Primarily as society evolves the needs of generations grow with it. The wanting to explore and need to stay independent relies on one another. So what if the solution acts as a companion in life rather technologically advanced gadget.

WAYPASS is a smart travel companion, which elevates navigation in complex environments such as airports by syncing filtered real-time data. Designed to support elderly but accessible to all, WAYPASS brings to you an adaptable wayfinding experience with dynamic alerts, updates about itinerary changes and call assistance feature.

Learn more about the project from the raport below!






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