The topics around global warming are not strangers to today’s citizens of the world – many of us are affected by it, many of us know someone who is affected by it and many of us just read about it. Floods are a serious problem in most areas around the world and are becoming more and more frequent. In fact, floodings are the most common out of all natural disasters. So, taking action against these changes is only logical.

Our research and interviews led us to search for solutions that have not been previously considered and we found ourselves envisioning a set of structures that would help control rainwater amounts on city streets. Ideally, this concept could be used differently in different areas. Why not construct a bus stop or a small kiosk inspired by KÄSN? Whatever floats your boat (pun intended). Even though this is only a concept and far from perfect, our wish is that this inspires solutions of all kinds that might help when dealing with floodings on a larger scale. We should not limit ourselves to the imaginations of others and find ways of fighting this global extinction event by going beyond typical solutions. We say let it flood, so we can find a way to stay out of the rain!

Team: Karoliine Karu, Ivanna Sandyk & Argo Tamm

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