Harnesing circadian rhythm for well-being

Circa Dia is a system that reduces human error risk through aligning tasks in the everyday schedule of astronauts to fit their personal natural rhythms. Astronaut’s schedules are very tightly packed and constantly changing to have them doing maximum amount of work. This, however, is not viable long term solution as astronauts feel they are loosing control over their lives. Circa Dia gives more desition power to astronauts while at the same time enabling them to cope much better with the chenging nature of the schedule.


“IGLUNA – A Human Habitat in Ice: Demonstrating key enabling technologies for life support in frozen worlds”

IGLUNA is a project initiated by the Swiss space center and includes 20 teams from 13 european universities that explore modular demonstrators that combined will help to set the foundation for a living in space. Ideas of the everyday life find their way out into space and return solutions for a better living on Earth. Brick by brick these technologies will create the cornerstones for a community expanding into space. The purpose of this mission is to investigate an approach for realizing a human habitat on the moon, directly in the ice craters near the poles. IGLUNA, as a demonstrator pilot project, is aimed at supporting and accelerating the ESA_Lab
initiative. The lessons learned from IGLUNA will help for the implementation of future ESA_Labs. The Swiss Space Center serves as coordinator for the events and main systems engineering activities.


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