We are introducing BRIIS, a holistic approach towards a better and more active life for Asthma & COPD Patients.

Our service addresses the existing spots between the fragmented healthcare system and provides the patients with :

• Pulmonary Accompanists (A trained professional who will always be with the patients in the harshest part of their journey)

• A Smart Inhaler (A device that keeps track of the daily medicine in-take & also acts as a reminder)

• A Respiratory Toolkit ( A kit that makes the journey of the patients in the most remote places more comfortable & keep them on track on the road to a better life)

With BRIIS, patients become more self-sufficient, collaboration with medical staff is more efficient, and the pulmonary healthcare system becomes more holistic and sustainable.

Team: Masato Kagiwada, Klarika Mäeots Uustal, Jannatun Tazri, Kristin Pedak

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