There are people who believe in a better tomorrow. There are people who no longer believe. And there are people who don’t know what to believe anymore. 

Some say, it’s the best town to live in. Others want to leave. And they do leave. Every year. But where? No one knows exactly. “Searching for a better life” they say. Who knows. Maybe they’re lying? Because there are also some new people here. They do come here. At least last year they did. Someone did. I think. 

And then.

Then we have today. Partly sunny, increasing cloudiness, a little rain. But the future? 

Oh, yes. The future…

We know about the problems, but do not act;
there is data, but it is not used, understood or considered;
resources are scarce, but our consumption is still increasing;
sharing economy is good alternative, but we still want to own;
biodiversity is decreasing, but we do not understand the real effects of it;
and if we try to behave more green, we don’t know if it is actually greener
or just greenwashing.

City gets denser and denser, there has been several breaktroughs in communication and personal mobility in recent years. Those new ways of transportation are using city’s space in a ways it was not intended – the cityscape gets hacked! How to ensure that these changes make the city a better place to be?

There are ways…