Paide 3000

A utopia for a community

A town. Not too big. To be fair – a rather small one. With a town hall and a church, supermarkets and parking lots, kindergartens and schools, thrift-shops, factories and stadiums, roads and cafes. A cinema, where people gather when a new domestic film is being shown, where the leading roles are played by the same people, who appear on a television show that’s broadcasted every Saturday night. And every Saturday night a family of five gathers to watch that show on a three-seater sofa. There are wooden houses and there are blocks of flats with colourful petunias on the balconies. There are gardens and the eager owners of the gardens restlessly mowing the lawn throughout the summer. It’s a town with bumpy roads that are continuously being fixed – by the time you’re finished fixing one hole, three new holes have appeared. 


There are people, who go to work. Who work a lot, work too much. And there are people, who don’t go to work, because they don’t have a job or because they have already contributed to the society. And there are people, who don’t go to work because – well – who knows. 

There are people who believe in a better tomorrow. There are people who no longer believe. And there are people who don’t know what to believe anymore. 

Some say, it’s the best town to live in. Others want to leave. And they do leave. Every year. But where? No one knows exactly. “Searching for a better life” they say. Who knows. Maybe they’re lying? Because there are also some new people here. They do come here. At least last year they did. Someone did. I think. 

This town has its own traditions. Rich, powerful, time-honoured traditions that are adhered to. People hold on to them. They hold on to them tight. Because you must. Because what else do we have in the end besides our past? At least we can be sure about that. No one is going to take that away from us. We can put it on the red-velvet pillow underneath the glass dome and take it out once a year to wipe off the dust. 

And then.

Then we have today. Partly sunny, increasing cloudiness, a little rain. But the future? 

Oh, yes. The future… 

Cooperation projects:


What if town’s youth would be empowered?


What if good ideas could be seen by everyone?


What if you could see the future?