Our team’s interest was working with the youth of Paide as we learned, that young people in Paide lack hangout spots and thus kill their time in parks and parking lots without much meaning to the time spent with their peers. We were interested in changing this around and creating an inspiring and exciting environment,…


Like other towns globally, Paide has its pain points, such as the issue of decreasing population. These are not challenges that Paide faces alone, nor ones that should be reflected both in how locals perceive the town, and its identity. The locals of Paide express a duality in their relationship with the town. On the…


 AEGLA is a support system for personal rhythms, that helps in finding the right pace for the current moment and guides towards most beneficial activities for the person. Agreements and plans coordinate automatically, considering personal activities, preferences and goals while not forgetting about the loved ones. AEGLA isn’t control over someone’s time, but a collection…


The topics around global warming are not strangers to today’s citizens of the world – many of us are affected by it, many of us know someone who is affected by it and many of us just read about it. Floods are a serious problem in most areas around the world and are becoming more…


The Foodtopia project is about reducing food waste. This is achieved by reconnecting consumers with their food and creating a meaningful and close relationship. The interaction takes place via augmented reality glasses.Here, the food tells its story, where it comes from, how to store it properly, and even points out when it is the right time to eat it. Foodtopia stands for a better future,…


Companies provide not only necessities like toilet paper, but also coffee and food for their employees. Why not period products?  

Team: Ekaterina Goncharova, Francesca Simone Ichimescu Keaveney, Nikole Bukrejeva, Regina Tagger.


Teaching the habit of giving and receiving: A game for schools that teaches kids to empower their individuality through doing good to others and receiving good done by others.

Team: Cätlyn Tamm, Larissa Maria Pelke, Tiina Ree, Uku Püttsepp.

UNO Loop

UNOLOOP is a system that promotes package free consumption while supporting minimalist lifestyle. It helps to create a cleaner home and a cleaner planet.

Team: Helet Loodus, Janno Rasmus Dreger, Lisett Mitendorf, Riina Degtjarenko. 

Team Hub

Team Hub: Supporting teamwork in the office, when employees require more flexibility and quicker adaptation to work flow in co-creating spaces.

Team: Aire Aasmäe, Evelin Ebruk, Markus Lukk.


VÄGI – Heal Your Heart VÄGI is an engaging digital game, which helps cardiac patients to manage their daily activities and improve their heart conditions throughout the rehabilitation journey. VÄGI enables the patients to self-monitor their daily physical activities with fair motivational affordances: the game-like elements support patients in looking for information, reaching their daily…