Our New Graduates!

This June six of our students successfully defended their master thesis. Thank you for all the interesting research on the important subjects!


We are proud to present our newest colleagues (in the picture left to right): Veiko Salumäe, Arnav Khan, Sophie Farines, Basaran Cabuk, Neriman Asli Atalay and Rainer Lepik.

Pictures by Meeli Küttim

Behind the Polar Circle

Design & Engineering students locked up behind the Polar Circle with their fellow students from The Arctic University of Norway, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Vitautas Magnus University and University of Southern Denmark. They are rethinking the future opportunities for the local shoppingcenter Veita in Tromso in a time of growing e-commerce. Working hard in…


Scaleway is a mobile electrical climbing aid that provides a more pleasant way up and down the stairs for people with limited mobility. Average levered stairways are no longer obstacles as this designed aid reduces the height of each step by half. Scaleway detects the measurements of an existing stair and rolls itself out like…


Alive is a new type of station focusing on community and the people living in the neighbourhood, considering their activities and their interests. The station acts as a meeting point for the public, offering a flexible space for activities all year long. The architectural look blends into the cityscape of the community where it is…