1. January – Application period begins for 2021/2022

15. March – Application deadline for Non-EU Citizens

15. April – Application deadline for citizens from Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA

15. May – Application deadline for citizens from EU/EEA countries and non-EU candidates who are residing in Estonia on a legal basis.*

6. July Application deadline for Estonian students. Application trough SAIS system.

*Non-EU candidates who are residing in Estonia on a legal basis must notify us via email (study@taltech.ee) if they intend to apply according to the 15th of May deadline. Additionally, an applicant has to upload the proof of legal basis such as a copy of temporary residence permit to the online application system.

For more information about the current situation see Taltech’s FAQ page 


The online application form must be submitted to apply for studies atTalTech (Tallinn University of Technology). Create an account to complete the online application. You may complete it in multiple sessions.

•Submit the Motivation Letter, portfolio, CV and all the required certificates and proofs.

•Transfer the application fee.

•Evaluation of portfolio and motivation letter.

•We will conduct interviews (online) with all the applicants who have fulfilled the above requirements and have received positive marks on portfolio and motivation letter.

•Qualified applicants will be selected to study in the D&TF programme.


• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in technology, design or innovation fields

• Official transcript of records (translated into Estonian, English or Russian and notarised)

Proof of English proficiency

• Portfolio

• Motivation letter

• Letter of recommendation is not required

• 100€ application fee (paid via bank transfer)

Evaluation of the applicant

The application process is done through the Dreamapply website, where you can submit information and documents in multiple sessions (requiring signup). A more detailed description of the process can be found here.

Students for TalTech international study programmes are admitted based on the admission threshold. The maximum score for all examination parts is 100 points. An applicant who receives positive score on all three parts is admitted.

Portfolio, 1–25 points 

positive grade: 15-25 points

A portfolio should give an overview of the applicant’s professional capabilities and interests. It should include the best examples of the candidate’s designs and innovations and should show the range of creative activities and achievements the candidate is proud of. Portfolio could include development sketches, engineering designs, photos of the models or finished products, developments related to modern technology (e.g. programs, engineering work, user interfaces, apps, service design projects, etc.). You do not need to include classical artwork, like paintings and drawings. We will evaluate the quality of the work submitted and the portfolio as a whole. Selected works in portfolio will be discussed during online interview.

Motivation letter 1–25 points

positive grade: 15-25 points

For each programme you apply to, an individual motivation letter (statement of purpose) must be inserted.

  • Please include following:
  • Well-considered reasons for the choice of the speciality and description of the vision for your career and how will studying in the study programme Design & Technology Futures support achievement of the goals.
  • A substantially reasoned vision of the developments of design and engineering and your role in the developments.
  • Comprehensive analysis of your strengths and contribution to multicultural and multidisciplinary team projects.

We evaluate the applicant’s motivation and critical thinking skills, well-founded connection between the applicant’s career choice and the study programme Design and Technology Futures, as well as understanding of the developments in the field.

NB! It is important to properly cite any sources (quotations, publications, ideas which are not your own etc.) used in your motivation letter, because to do otherwise would be plagiarism and result in disqualification.

Interview, 1–50 points

positive grade 20-50 points

An applicant must be attentive, have analytical skills and be interested in the profession and the world in all its diversity. We evaluate the skill to substantiate the choice of the speciality and to connect it with your professional career, your motivation and ability to discuss the trends and issues in the field. We evaluate communication skills, creativity and critical thinking, motivation to pass the selected study programme and to continue with the professional career, the ability to collaborate and to contribute to multicultural and multidisciplinary teamwork (creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration).

Questions about the programme: info@designtechfutures.eu
Questions about admissions: study@taltech.ee

Design and Technology Futures


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