10. April – Application deadline for Non-EU Citizens

1 May – Application deadline for EU, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus citizens and countries that do not need visa to enter Estonia (USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Guatemala, Israel, Mexico, Macedonia, South Korea).

25 June – 4 July – Application deadline for Estonian students. Applycations can be made in SAIS.ee digitally or in person at TUT. Application period closes on 4th of July at 15:00

How to apply?

The application process is done through the Dreamapply website, where you can submit information and documents in multiple sessions (requiring signup). A more detailed description of the process can be found here.

In addition to an official transcript of records and proof of English proficiency, we request a motivation letter in which you can explain why you find D&TF interesting and what in particular motivates you to come study with us. Gives us insight into your ambitions, what you could offer to your fellow students, as well as how much you might learn from the programme.

Depending on your background, you are required to either:

– submit a portfolio of your previous works to show us your working habits and skill level (expected from candidates with a design background)


– complete a short test that shows your general understanding of engineering and technology (expected from candidates with an engineering background).

The final step in the application process is an interview with the applicant. We will assess how well you are suited for the kind of work that we are doing in the D&TF programme, how good a team player you might be, how you might react under stress and what is your general understanding of the world around us.

Questions about the programme: info@designtechfutures.eu
Questions about admissions: study@ttu.ee


The online application form must be submitted to apply for studies at Tallinn University of Technology. Create an account to complete the online application. You may complete it in multiple sessions.

•Submit the Motivation Letter, CV and all the required certificates and proofs.

•Transfer the application fee.

•Students who apply as an engineer will have a small test of overall knowledge. Design students undergo a portfolio evaluation.

•We will conduct interviews (online) with all the applicants who have fulfilled the above requirements.

•Qualified applicants will be selected to study in the D&TF programme.


• Bachelor’s degree in Design, Engineering, Information Technologies or any other innovation studies.

• Official transcript of records (translated into Estonian, English or Russian and notarised)

• Proof of English proficiency: FCE or CAE, IELTS 5.5+ or TOEFL 70+

• Results of BSc studies (for engineers)

• Online test in field knowledge (for engineers)

• Portfolio of BA studies (for designers)

• Letter of recommendation is not required

• Motivation letter (submitted through Dream Apply between March 1st and May 1st)

• 100€ application fee (paid via bank transfer)

• Interview

Design and Technology Futures


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