Companies provide not only necessities like toilet paper, but also coffee and food for their employees. Why not period products?  

Team: Ekaterina Goncharova, Francesca Simone Ichimescu Keaveney, Nikole Bukrejeva, Regina Tagger.


Teaching the habit of giving and receiving: A game for schools that teaches kids to empower their individuality through doing good to others and receiving good done by others.

Team: Cätlyn Tamm, Larissa Maria Pelke, Tiina Ree, Uku Püttsepp.

UNO Loop

UNOLOOP is a system that promotes package free consumption while supporting minimalist lifestyle. It helps to create a cleaner home and a cleaner planet.

Team: Helet Loodus, Janno Rasmus Dreger, Lisett Mitendorf, Riina Degtjarenko. 

Team Hub

Team Hub: Supporting teamwork in the office, when employees require more flexibility and quicker adaptation to work flow in co-creating spaces.

Team: Aire Aasmäe, Evelin Ebruk, Markus Lukk.


VÄGI – Heal Your Heart VÄGI is an engaging digital game, which helps cardiac patients to manage their daily activities and improve their heart conditions throughout the rehabilitation journey. VÄGI enables the patients to self-monitor their daily physical activities with fair motivational affordances: the game-like elements support patients in looking for information, reaching their daily…


BAST: a journey-based approach to bariatric patient care, where people who struggle with overweight are empowered and prepared for the transition that changes their lives! Today, the journey for bariatric patients is mostly procedure-oriented, and it doesn’t fully support their experience, but still, they are more than those patients coming in and out of the…


KOOS is a service network for arthritis patients that helps them explore and follow the best strategies to treat their chronic pain through staying active. KOOS helps patients to keep moving by bringing patients together with each other and sports services. It lets users track their symptoms and actions to reflect on their progress and…


We are introducing BRIIS, a holistic approach towards a better and more active life for Asthma & COPD Patients. Our service addresses the existing spots between the fragmented healthcare system and provides the patients with : • Pulmonary Accompanists (A trained professional who will always be with the patients in the harshest part of their…